4 Things That Happened After I Started Doing Yoga

I started craving healthy whole foods

After I started practicing yoga, I found myself seeking out whole plant-based foods. I stopped going to the vending machine during the late afternoon slump. Part of that was because I didn't want to feel sick when I went to a yoga class later, but part of that was me feeling more connected to my body.

I became a more positive person

Before yoga, I was struggling with patience and harboring a lot of frustration and anger. After yoga, I tend to let things go more than I used to. I've even started meditating every day since taking up yoga.

I started eating more intuitively

As I said before, after practicing yoga, I feel so much more connected to my body. Before I was starting to eat out of boredom, stress, or emotion, I was getting into the habit of eating until I was sick. Now I stop eating the second I feel satiated.

I've Made New Friends

I never thought of yoga as a community before starting yoga. I thought people who do yoga as well people who do yoga, but it truly is a community. So many people are connected by this practice and it has been great to get to connect with people I may not have otherwise crossed paths with.

I Started to Love My Body

In my late teens and early to mid-twenties, I was extremely self-critical of my body. I struggled with an Eating Disorder in high school, and although I recovered years ago, I still struggled to like what I saw in the mirror. Yoga helped me to appreciate my body for all the amazing things it can do, which has, in turn, helped me love what I see in the mirror.

How has your practice changed your life? Comment below.

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