Marketing in The Time of Crisis

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are well aware that we are living in a bizarre time. Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. Business owners have had to shift their business model to accommodate a world living and working virtually. We are utilizing curbside pickup and delivery and hosting meetings and events on Zoom. This new normal presents new challenges while also providing new opportunities. Here are some of the most important tips to utilize to navigate through this strange time. Utilize Empathetic Marketing Customers and Clients now more than ever are not just buying your product or service, but also your brand and culture. Your target market must think of your brand as being in-touch. They want to know that your company and brand care about them as more than a customer. One amazing example of empathetic marketing is coming from the automotive industry. Watching their ads you can see how they are first marketing a message of togetherness and perseverance and secondly marketing their vehicles.

This Burger King Commercial is the perfect example also a great use of humor (see below)

Be Aware of Your Message While we all want to sell our products or service, it is important to be mindful that those marketing efforts are not predatory. You don't want to make false claims or create fear-mongering to push your product or service. Business owners and marketers have to walk a fine line between acknowledging the crisis and exploiting the crisis. Any marketing that acknowledges the crisis should be empathetic first and about promoting that company's product or service second. It's still okay to promote your products but don't use the crisis as your selling point. Be mindful of how you come across.

Don't Do This ^^^

Humor Must-Have Heart Using humor with marketing is fine. Many people, myself included, use humor as a coping mechanism. Once again be aware of the memes or humor that you are posting. Is it insensitive? Is it exclusive? If you're not sure it's probably best not to post it. Again your customers want to know that you see them and their issues. Posting a meme or text urging customers to spend their stimulus check on your product when so many people are struggling to pay their bills is most certainly going to backfire.

This tweet from the always amazing Wendy's twitter is a great example of humor with heart/awareness.

These are my top three tips for marketing during a sensitive time and the mistakes that I have seen the most on social media, especially during this time. Let me know if you have any other suggestions below.

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