What is Community Marketing (And How to Implement it)

When I was researching the marketing trends for 2021, one of the ones that kept coming up was how huge community marketing would be this year. Although Community Marketing has been popular for a while, it is still perplexing to most. Many business owners do not consider this strategy nor understand it.

In this Article I Will Cover:

  • What Community Marketing is

  • Examples of Community Marketing

  • How to implement Community Marketing for your Business

What is Community Marketing?

Simply put it is creating more meaningful relationships and interactions with your customers. With this marketing strategy, you will focus on building relationships and two-way conversations. Social media has completely changed the way customers interact with brands. For one thing, consumers no longer want to be sold to. Consumers are instead demanding companies engage with transparency. Moreover, social media allows consumers to feel as though they can be a part of the branding process.


Wendy's Twitter

Wendy's twitter account is the perfect example of how to build meaningful relationships. For example, who can forget their twitter roast.


In a world where retail is struggling, Lululemon is thriving. Why? Because instead of focusing on digital strategy, they focus on local communities that exist in the real world. Each Lululemon location partners with local yoga teachers or fitness studio owners. Lululemon will often have fitness classes right in their stores that are often taught by these partners.

Electronic Arts

For the 21st Birthday of their Sims franchise, EA collaborated with top creators in the Sim's community for new items for the game.

Strategies to Implement

Create an Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are leaders of the community who represent your company. For example, Lululemon's partnership with local yoga instructors. Commonly implemented through events, this marketing strategy helps promote two-way conversations. As a result of working with Ambassadors, consumers will develop a deeper emotional connection to your brand.

Use Social Media to Create Conversations.

Use Social Media and Conversations for Community Marketing

Don't get so caught up in trying to sell that you that you forget to add a little personality. People want to know there is a person behind the brand. Also you can use those conversations to your advantage by easily discovering what your customers want from your brand. Two-way conversations with your consumers saves you time and money.

Find a Cause

Today's consumers want to support businesses that share the same values that they do. Find a cause or charity to get behind. But be very cautious not to come off as only doing it for show. Be sincere and actually meant it.

Host an Event (or a virtual one)

Use Online events for Community Marketing

Despite everything being seemingly canceled, event marketing is growing. Virtual events are growing in popularity. So don't be afraid to host a virtual party or a virtual conference. Think about going live on social media for giveaways or for celebrating releases. Of course, once it becomes safe to do so again plan in-person events. Think about hosting a networking event in your industry.

Remember Forming A Community Takes Time

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It can be very frustrating when we don't see results right away. But if you keep working at it, you will reap the benefits.

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